Introduction to the classification of pens

Issuing time:2021-05-25 14:53

Five categories of pens:

Neutral pen: the neutral pen is filled with an organic solvent, whose viscosity is lower than that of oily pen and ink and thicker than that of aqueous pen and ink. When writing, the ink will change from semi-solid to liquid after passing through the pen tip. The biggest advantage of neutral pen ink is that each drop of ink is used on the pen tip and will not volatilize or leak, so it can provide a smooth writing feeling like silk, and the ink flows smoothly and stably.

Ballpoint pen: ballpoint pen can be divided into oily and neutral: the characteristics of oily atomic pen and ink are high ink viscosity and strong water resistance, but there are many oil stains. Neutral ballpoint pen has moderate ink viscosity, less oil stains, fluent writing, and better water and light resistance than oily atomic pen and ink.

Water-based pen: the main solvent of water-based pen is water. Common water-based pens include steel ball pen, signature pen, plastic, brush and fluorescent pen. Water-based pen is tasteless than oily pen, and the pen tip is not easy to dry. Its handwriting is light-resistant but not water-resistant. It will be rendered in case of water, and it is easy to break the water if it is accidentally dropped.

Projection pen: the projection pen is basically an oily pen with a wide range of applications. It can be written on projection films, glass or any object without fading or falling off. Many academic institutions or research units like to buy the projection pen because it can make marks on beakers or test tubes. Some brands of projection pens can replenish ink. It takes half an hour to replenish ink for the first time and only ten minutes after the second time, which is quite convenient. In addition, some manufacturers provide water-based projection pens. Their handwriting can be wiped without leaving traces after being stained with water. They are suitable for presentation occasions where calculations or demonstration exercises need to be done on site.

Milk pen: the milk pen was first developed by Pentel company in Japan. The ink in it is not real milk, but neutral ink. However, it was called "milk" when it was listed in Japan, and a cow was used as the expression method of advertising film; In addition, the seven colors of this product are pink and tender, which gives people a soft feeling. It is generally used to calling it milk pen. Milk pen can be written on black or dark stationery or painted on fingernails. It has a very special purpose and is widely welcomed by young girls and students in Japan.