The classification of colored pencils

Issuing time:2017-08-31 11:23

A colored pencil is a drawing pencil made with colored pigments instead of graphite. The PENCIL is made the same way a LEAD PENCIL is made: the paint is mixed with a clay adhesive. There are many brands of colored pencils to choose from, and a wide range of colors are available. However, color pencils are generally not recommended for artistic use because some brands indicate the ingredients in the paint, which are not generally recognized by artists. (some manufacturers use pigments that don't fade when exposed to light and advertise their products as colorfast.) There are also some special varieties that can be used, such as colored pencils made with water-soluble pigments. They are used in the same way as regular colored pencils, but marks can be smudged with a wet watercolor pen to create a rendering effect. Because the pencils contain soluble pigments, they are not suitable for durable work.

There are also two kinds of colored pencils. One is water-soluble (soluble in water) and the other is insoluble (insoluble in water).

Insoluble color pencils can be divided into dry and oily, we generally buy on the market are mostly insoluble color pencils. The price is cheap, is the best choice for the introduction to painting. Paint the effect of a lighter, simple and clear, mostly erasable. It is a kind of expressive painting tool with translucent features, which can present different picture effects through the superposition of colors.

Water-soluble color pencil is also called water color pencil. Its core can be dissolved in water. When it meets water, the color will be smudged and spread out to achieve the transparent effect like watercolor. Water-soluble colored pencils do two things: they work just as well without dipping as they do with insoluble colored pencils. But after dipping in the water will become like watercolor, color is very bright beautiful, very beautiful, and color is very soft.

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