Water-soluble colored pencil

Issuing time:2018-11-15 11:34

Water-soluble color pencil belongs to one of the color pencil, painting tools, which are frequently used in painting with the water-soluble color pencil painting, the use of "water and brush" after the color can produce abound change colour effect, can use mixed color, like a watercolor effects, the most difficult of advantage is better than painting painting "watercolor" much easier to master.

Paper with a rough surface is a good choice for colored pencil drawings. Water soluble ordinary color pencil, color pencil can do with water after shading similar watercolor effect, ordinary color pencil is to be out of this effect, but need a bit of watercolor basis may to master well and generally use this picture, need to be able to have the absorbent paper, drawing paper like 160 g can meet this requirement, if the water paper, may is too rough texture.

Method of use

Type with a hard pencil first, then type with colored lead.

2. Use colorful sticks or small white clouds (brush pen) to coat the paper with water (use different pens for dark and light colors, wash the pen thoroughly), and then wait for the paper to dry.

3. The dry effect is like watercolor. Reapply colored lead over and over again, adding water as you did at the beginning in some places, and make sure you wait for it to dry before applying the color, especially in the lighter areas.

4. Finally, a layer of light natural color is used on the color lead of the bright spot. The pen should be sharpened and no more water is needed. Brighten up where necessary with white.