Student's pencil choice

Issuing time:2018-11-23 11:35

Primary school students will be more novel when they first touch the pencil. The use of the pencil is also very critical, which enables children to gradually get familiar with writing, because the type of pencil is different, and the hardness of the written font is also different. Parents in the primary school students choose a pencil, the structure of the pencil is not very understanding, so do not know how to go to the child to choose a more suitable pencil, so the choice of primary school students pencil, today baibai safety net here for everyone in detail about the student supplies knowledge.

In passing the stationery shop, see a lot of pencil is full of beautiful things in eyes, is very beautiful, but in the choice to the child student supplies, and don't know how to choose, because of the type of pencil is different, so when elementary school students in the back of the chest is also need to be aware of, triangular pencil grip pen is more suitable for beginners, because triangle pencil, it is has three face, just to corresponding fingers held. And hexagonal pencil, suitable for practicing when using! Because convenient! For example, the practice of the side of the pen refill to write thick, you can turn the Angle to continue to write. In addition, triangular pencils have better placement stability than other types, which is why carpenters like to use triangular pencils for marking. It's less likely to roll off. After the child writes in the classroom, does not worry about will drop on the floor!

For first-grade children, some primary school teachers seem to ask their parents to buy 2H. If there is no special requirement, I think HB is a better choice. H is Hard hardness, B is black, H series is light color and Hard core, and B series is black and soft color! HB is the depth hardness is moderate, children with the best!

There are many children in the process of writing is very hard, so easy to write off ink, write their own colours are very deep, and very dark, with the eraser can't wipe clean, also can make feel very dirty around, if very hard book will graze, these are very common problem. So be careful when choosing what type of pencil to give your child. If the writing is too strong, you can choose 2H for the child at this time. If the girl USES a pencil which is lighter, you can choose a darker pencil for the child. The middle-of-the-road pencil is HB.