Describe the characteristics of log pencil

Issuing time:2018-12-11 11:41

Log pencil is to point to the pencil that is made for raw material processing with choicest lumber, make and design pay attention to safety, environmental protection, concise and durable. The biggest characteristic of log pencil is, use high grade log pen pole, whole body does not have a bit of paint or go up only varnish, pen body can see beautiful natural mu wen, its feel nature, easy hold, send out a natural lumber fragrance.

Log pencil features

(1) no paint on the whole body of log pencils: the use of paint layers on log pencils is prohibited to prevent the damage and influence of metal lead, mercury, arsenic and other heavy metal elements in the paint on children's health.

(2) clear lines on the wooden pen: the clear lines on the wood can be clearly seen from the appearance of the pen, and the natural pen body has a comfortable feeling.

(3) on the basis of national safety standards, whether through the European Union and the United States safety standards as the highest criterion: in general, the eu standards reached the brand also represents the international standards that achieve a true sense of safety and environmental protection of the log pencil.